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According to recent statistics, the majority of Kashmiri youth (~41%) are unemployed or underemployed. Attaining a government job is considered to be the benchmark of success, however government jobs are scarce and the private sector is still in a nascent stage. Additionally since dignity of labor has not evolved in Kashmir, a significant amount of skilled labor is imported from other states. The added conflict dimension makes these marginalized youth extremely vulnerable.

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Youth Development - CHINAR International

Our Response

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We work with unemployed youth to develop their mindset towards innovation, entrepreneurship and dignity of labor and to further expand their skill set so they can become self-reliant. This is accomplished by implementing programs such as skill development, entrepreneurship labs and business incubation at both the individual and community level.

Our Response

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We work with unemployed youth to develop their mindset towards innovation, entrepreneurship and dignity of labor and to further expand their skill set so they can become self-reliant. This is accomplished by implementing programs such as skill development, entrepreneurship labs and business incubation at both the individual and community level.

Youth Development - CHINAR International

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Stories From The Field

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    SBS- Learning Circle Meet

    The first Small Business Support Learning Circle meeting was conducted on 12th April 2022 in the presence of our Global Executive Director Mr Irfan Shahmiri, which drew a total of 26 participants. Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 small business support unit holders were present. The meeting provided a forum for these unit owners to share their experiences with one another. They not only shared their progress, but they also assisted and suggested each other in overcoming some of their shortcomings. They've also learned from one another how to overcome some of the obstacles they've encountered. The small business support programme was launched last year under CHINAR's youth development vertical to assist youth in starting their own businesses, becoming self-sufficient, and bridging the unemployment gap. A total of 18 units are running successfully across 5 districts of Kashmir province.SHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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    CHINAR International closes it’s first Knitting center at HMT

    A total of 19 trainees graduated from the three-month course. All the trainees have learnt a variety of designs and have become experts in the skill. Few of them have already started selling their products in the market. Since the locality has a huge demand for knitted clothes, we hope that the graduated trainees will earn good money out of this skillSHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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    SBS support to MOHD. Rajab Malla from Pattan

    Mohd Rajab Malla (28), a specially abled yet impassioned young man belonging to Aaram Mohalla, Pattan is the sole provider for his family of 6. He runs a small barbeque shop from a room in his house to earn his livelihood but the meager income hardly meets his family's financial needs of food and medicine. His struggle intensified during the COVID lockdown and the financial constraints completely crippled his Small Business. CHINAR reached out to him and enrolled him under the Small Business Support (SBS) Project. He was provided a Kiryana Shop as an extension to his Barbeque shop. Considering the need of such an establishment in the area, the business idea is marketable and he expects to earn good profit. We wish him luck for a successful business.SHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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    SBS Provided to Firdous Reshi from Budgam

    Firdous Ahmed Reshi- an energetic man coming from a humble background from district Budgam is a post-graduate and was struggling hard to get a job. After going through all the struggles, he decided to start something of his own instead of relying on the Govt. jobs. He approached CHINAR international through its program of Small Business Support and made it to the top 10. Today we launched his unit and provided him with all the material to run his business. Firdous was very happy and pledged to do all the hard work to make his business successful. Firdous is one of the most deserving candidates who was in dire need of CHINAR's support. CHINAR wishes Firdous all the very best for a successful venture.SHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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    As a part of our mission to build sustainable livelihoods and women empowerment, we established a digital learning center in Bemina, where underprivileged women were provided with training in basic computer skills. Before joining the course, the girls had no idea how to start a computer and had to be taught from scratch. Twenty women enrolled in the four month training course and those who successfully completed the assessments and were awarded certificates during the closing ceremony.SHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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    Foola Jan

    Foola Jan, a passionate young woman from Waltengo, Kulgam, lost everything in a deadly avalanche that struck her village in 2005. Despite coming from an underprivileged family, Foola had a strong desire to become financially independent by starting her own business. Her dream was to open a provision store in her area, as people in her village had to travel long distances to purchase their daily necessities. Unfortunately, with no source of income, Foola was unable to realize her dream. However, Foola's fortunes changed when she learned about CHINAR's Small Business Support program and decided to apply. Fortunately, Foola was accepted and received support through the PARVAAZ project, which aims to transform communities. Thanks to this program, Foola was able to start her own business and become a shining example of women's empowerment in her community.SHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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    Abid Ali bhat

    Abid Ali is a young and energetic 12th-grade graduate from Baramulla, who has a dream of becoming a high-scale retailer of sports items in his community. As a passionate sports enthusiast, Abid wants to introduce a wide range of sports equipment to his community. To achieve his dream, Abid applied for CHINAR's Small Business Support Project-Phase III and was selected to receive financial support of 1.5 lakhs to expand his unit. Abid's unit, S Mart Readymade, offers a wide range of sports items such as jerseys, sports shoes, sports kits, and other accessories to sports enthusiasts in the community. With the financial support provided by the project, Abid has been able to grow his business and fulfill his dream of becoming a high-scale retailer of sports equipment. SHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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    Zahoor Ahmad Ganie

    Zahoor Ganie is a young, energetic, and hardworking man in his thirties who has been working as a door-to-door vendor of women's clothes for over seven years. Despite his experience, Zahoor struggled to make ends meet with his meagre income, which was not enough to meet his family's needs. Unfortunately, medical issues in his family prevented him from taking his business to the next level. Fortunately, when CHINAR launched Phase III of the Small Business Support program, Zahoor applied and was selected as one of the top 20 candidates. Through the program, Zahoor received support in the form of a women's wear unit to help scale up his business. With this support, Zahoor has been able to expand his business and improve his income, enabling him to better support his family.SHOW MORE...SHOW LESS
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What is the beneficiary selection criteria?

We use well-defined selection criteria to identify youth living in downtrodden communities. Assessment surveys are conducted by field monitors and local resource persons. We also use awareness and counselling sessions during community mobilization events to attract youth towards the entrepreneurship programs. The socio-economic status, educational qualification and skill set of a candidate are the primary criteria for final selection. Business plan competitions are conducted to identify the most innovative business ideas. For more information, please see our Process and Protocols HERE.