Imtiyaz Malik

Aug 17 2020
Imtiyaz Malik

In 2012, Imtiyaz Malik joined CHINAR International as a driver and now is responsible for office security, transport and maintenance. Imtiyaz may not have received formal schooling, but over the years he has developed good knowledge about the social sector. He understands and believes in CHINAR’s mission and is at the forefront of most CHINAR projects. He was there during the floods of 2014, past lockdowns and hartals in Kashmir. Imtiyaz is an exceptional driver who knows the roads and lanes of Kashmir.Team loves to travel with him as he makes every trip enjoyable and full of fun.Besides managing field trips,he is also responsible for office security.

He is an all-rounder who will lend his hands to anything – packing kits, loading, cooking, photography, etc.