Tabasum Bandey

Aug 17 2020
Tabasum Bandey

Tabasum Bandey is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Canada with more than 25 years of engineering experience (including 20+ years in Canada) in the field of Electrical Engineering & Engineering Management/Leadership. She completed her Engineering degree in Electronics & Communication from NIT Srinagar and moved to Canada in the late 1990’s after spending a few years in the Middle East. Like it is for most of the immigrants who have the courage to leave home to explore the world, she also faced challenges in embracing a different culture while maintaining strong ties with her roots & motherland. Tabasum – a Kashmiri by heart and soul believes in teamwork, continuous improvement & growth and is delighted to see the second generation of Kashmiris involved as young leaders. She enjoys gardening and cooking in her spare time.