Zeeshan Hussain

Aug 17 2020
Zeeshan Hussain

Zeeshan joined CHINAR International in the year 2014 as an office boy and now works as a field monitor for Srinagar district. Zeeshan is an example of a child of conflict and a broken education system. He kept going to school till grade 10th without learning much and hence failed in the exams. In CHINAR, he found a wholesome environment and support. He finally passed his matriculation and a couple of years later passed his 12th exam as well and is now enrolled in Gandhi College. Over the years, Zeeshan has gained knowledge about the social sector and is inspired by CHINAR’s mission. He now aspires to pursue a master’s degree in social work (MSW) course post-graduation. Besides monitoring Srinagar district, Zeeshan is also responsible for office security.

He is a very hard-working boy and enjoys playing cricket.